10 Ways to Reduce Your Phone Bills

Phones have become a must have for everybody especially the cell phones. Apart from communicating, these gadgets are used for paying bills, watching movies and so on. You may not have an idea how much money you spend while using them until you decide to write down the cost.  You will be surprised to realize that they are very expensive to maintain.

Since we all need to communicate every now and then, is always good to be on the look out to avoid spending a lot of money on these gadgets. Well, there are ways that one can reduce phone bills and save on cash. Let us discuss some of them.

Talk less on the phone

At times, we tend to talk through the phone on things that are not necessary. If you have to talk on the phone make sure you spend less time. You can actually opt to text and the message will reach to the other person. On texting, you can choose a plan that offer texting services free or at a low cost. There are various that have that subscription so you can choose to go for such a plan.

We also call people who are around when actually we can meet them face to face and discuss issues. Again, you may find people communicating through the phone and they are in the same house. You can save a lot of money on such occasions if you only take some few minutes to meet up.

For data, use Wi-Fi

We also spend a considerable amount of money on data charges. You will realize that most people use Wi-Fi for their data charges so it is available even in your local café. All you need is to be on the lookout and know which places are connected. You can opt even to install it in your house because everyone in the house will be using it. Just go an extra mile andhave a setting on your phone that can remember network. This will help in connecting directly whenever you are around places that have WI-FI coverage.

Review your bills

At times we get our monthly phone bills and just rush to pay. It is always wise to inspect your bills first before paying. At times you may find you are paying for services you actually don’t need. Those unnecessary voicemails can be cut down if you take a few minutes to cancel them. So by inspecting these bills, you will be able to point out what you actually don’t need. This way you will find yourself lots of cash on a monthly basis.

Eliminate insurance

Just ignore paying insurance for your phone.  Gone are days when insurance used to be useful because phones then were a bit hard to get. So you were sure in case you lose your phone you will be compensated. Today you can have your phone and even if you lose it, replacing it is not a big deal. You can opt to save some amount of money maybe in a separate account to cater for such expenses in future rather than paying huge sum of money on insurance.

Consider using family plans

Under family plans you will realize that if you are using more than one line you are able to save some extra coins. This is because you are eligible for discounts. When buying phone lines, enquire if the vendors offer family plans. If they do then you can consider sharing the cost with some members of the family. This will reduce the cost of calling by a big margin.

Avoid subscribing to unnecessary extras

There are a lot of subscriptions that charge a lot of money. You may find yourself subscribed to things like games, music, and ringtones that consume your credit.  To stop on this, make sure you subscribe to applications that are extremely necessary.  At times we subscribe to these extras without our awareness. So always inspect you phone every now and then to just make sure you have what you need.

You can opt to use land lines instead of cell phones

Land lines are still available in most countries. They may not be accessible whenever you need to make calls, but you can always make use of them if you can.  They have been long neglected but calling through a land line is very cheap. If you are not calling for emergency reasons, consider using a land line. You will be amazed how much you can save while using them.

Change your plan

You may realize you are using a plan that is costly yet there are others that are cheaper. So when operating a cell phone, ensure that you have shopped for a cheaper plan. You can always ask your phone operators on what plans they have.  In case you are a person who calls oversees, let the other person look out for cheaper means too. By doing this you will all be saving on costs yet enjoying your chit chat.

Use employee discounts

If you are employed, there are discounts for calling given by the employers. They vary from company to company but they are worthwhile. They are available to all members of the company despite their designation. These discounts can help you save considerable amount of money which ranges from 5 to 30 percent monthly. Ensure you take advantage of such plans for all your calls.

Network calling

Utilize networking calling. Encourage people you call frequently to get lines that are on the same network as yours. So every time you call within your network the charges are minimal thus saving some coins.


In a nutshell, saving on phone charges is doable. With these practical tips, you will realize the little money you save monthly will add up to a lot of money when you count yearly. So start implementing them bit by bit and enjoy your savings.