Investments for children: how to invest money for children

Selecting the best investments for children is an extremely sensitive issue.

Doubts often focus on which is the most suitable instrument for a safe , convenient investment that also returns a certain income.

But what if the best strategy was to abandon the idea of ​​safety at all costs?

Here, in this article I want to break this taboo and show you how the solution you are looking for is not necessarily found behind a specific product , but in the construction of an investment strategy tailored to the needs of those who will one day receive the capital you are building for them investment plan for child education.

How to set up such a strategy is exactly what I will tell you about in the next few lines.

Investments for children


If I make a brief summary of the main questions I have received about investing for children over time, I would say I can roughly summarize them like this:

“Is it better to open a postal book or take postal savings bonds?”

“What is the best storage plan for children around? Or maybe it is better to buy government bonds?

“Do I buy a house so I leave him something or do I go on a supplementary pension for minor children?”

According to a study on savings and the financial choices of Italians, children represent the 2nd saving item , after that for the unexpected.

This choice covers on average 1/5 of total savings (ie 21%) and is higher especially for those over 45 years of age.

In fact, we are talking about wanting to guarantee a future for their children , which is why it is necessary to make the right choice.

Going back to the questions a little while ago, the translation of what you are really asking is: “how much capital do you need to invest for children and how can I do to find safe investments and avoid losing money?”

On this point I am very sorry to disappoint you, but investment security does not exist .

And despite the fact that the market is full of “investments for children” that flaunt the safety factor as the main workhorse, I think it is useless to tackle this topic looking for something that cannot be obtained.

Precisely for this reason I think it is appropriate to clarify and explain some fundamental concepts on investments for children and how to navigate the maze of sparkling supermarket counter offers.